The City


I just watched The City on MTV, even though I’ve already seen all the episodes… I enjoy seeing it but is also something that annoys me about it. I think it is the cast, and the things they focus on. First of all, I don’t find Whitney that much interesting actually. She seem lika a really nice person and all but that’s about it. And her friend Erin is just blah… Olivia can be a bit funny to watch because she comes off as a bit of a bitch hehe. It’s always entertaining to watch the bitchy people. Adam is hot! end of story… Allie is really beautiful, she is probably the one I like the most on the show. But I still think that is was a bit of a bad choice of MTV to let Whitney have a spin off. I think MTV should try a new format and do something different. Because there’s already The Hills, and that’s enough. Now Audrina is going to have her own show, I really don’t understand why honestly but I probably watch it because Im curious.

Something that I think would be fun to watch is if they follow around models in New York. Like Freja Beha, Lily Donaldson, Noot Seear, Natasha Poly, Lara Stone and so on… And more like the camera go everywhere with them, and not those perfect set ups like in the hills and the city. Im a bit tired of that now.  Maybe I should e-mail MTV about this idea?! haha… But yeah, I want to see something more realistic now. And see some edgier, more interesting people. But yeah, maybe most of those people don’t wanna show their life on TV hehe… Which I understand.


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  1. I really liked the city, but it probably has something to do with the fact that I’m moving there in 2 months and I want Whitney’s job. I think really the best part about the show was being able to see what they were all wearing. Olivia always looked divine. I like your idea for a new show though! Def tell mtv about that one.

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