Let’s talk about style


I read this on some site and most of us have probably heard it before, but this is a good reminder, and something I strive for when it comes to style.

“It’s not always the people in the trendiest clothes, with the longest legs, the highest shoes or who have the latest IT-bag that knows most about fashion. It’s not the same thing to like looking good or know the latest trends as it is to be genuinley interested. Like Carine Roitfeld for example or Rachel Zoe . They don’t change style after the seasons trends, they don’t buy things to just throw it away after a while, and they don’t look anxiously behind their back to check if the trendy skirt they’re wearing is to short.

Woman like this can see when a new collection arrive, which pieces who becomes the seasons IT-garment. They look for inspiration at the same places as the designers, andyou can say that they take advantage of that kinds of situations and can plan their purchases. They know what they fit in, they know which trends that always comes back, and they know what they look good in. Which results in a “trademark look,” that you associate with that particular person.”

*Forgive me if my english it’s not 100 procent correct all the time, Im working on it:)



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3 responses to “Let’s talk about style

  1. I’m agree, you have a raison but … imbalances are always in everywhere, they are lucky !!!!!! Thanks a lot for the comment and have a nice week-end, kisses

  2. designer06

    love your blog ! I’m gonna link you on my main fashion blog on tumblr.

    btw you commented on my megan fox post, on blogger. And i agree…. she’s my girl crush too. πŸ˜‰ I just saw transformers II last night… amazing.


  3. agree!! personality is so important too, not in being stylish but in a person’s trademark style πŸ™‚

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