nejma7nejma5nejma4Im in the middle of redecorate my bedroom so I’ve been a bit busy lately. I have so much stuff to take out and organize everything so it takes a while, but it’s fun also! I love interior design and when I was a kid, my dreamjob was actually to become a interior designer. I started reading interior magazines when I was about ten so it has been my interest for a very long time:) So redecorate my room has been on my mind for some time now so Im happy to finally be doing it!

*Oh, this not my own pictures though… But yeah, aren’t they great?! Inspirational!



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3 responses to “Interior

  1. your closet looks awesome! wish i could be that organized

  2. Your room looks immaculate and incredible. I’d love a room like yours. Especially your wardrobe. I too have always wanted to be an interior designer from growing up seeing how my auntie lives (she designed some of the best houses which she got to live in for a bit!). Great post and blog! xx

  3. i love the closet set up and how the clothes face front. it’s like your own store.

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