Annie Leibovitz

al 2al 3al 4al 5al 6al 7al 9al 10al 11al 12al 13al 8al 14Such an Amazing photographer! It’s a true joy seeing her pictures:)



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6 responses to “Annie Leibovitz

  1. i love her work. some of my favorite images are shot by annie!
    beautiful collection.

  2. nice little selection. love the fantasy, fairytale, surreal, dreamyness of all her images.

    carrie and big on the lounge….just precious!


  3. A pleasure to see this sequence . All evoke different sensations and intensity of colors is striking !!All have been immortalized by her, and something will be more than evident. Many thanks for the comment and see you soon a muaa

  4. yes! she is one of the best 🙂 makes photographing seem like a hard science…. she’s amazing


    The Angie Jolie photo is flawless.

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