Some thoughs…


Sorry for the lack of updates, but we all need a little break sometimes. I visit so many blogs everyday that I sometimes feel a little stressed almost that I don’t have the time always to visit all of them. Like I would need to visit them anyway?! But I guess it become an routine, and im pretty good with routines, even though it gets boring after a while… Like you want something more, something deeper and important. And not just all this materalistic things that you feel the desire for so often. I think most of us are good at distraction ourselves with something to fill a empty hole inside, and all this materialistic things that you’re longing for is a good way doing that. It’s a great distraction!

With that I don’t mean that I actually don’t like fashion, shoes and bags and everything in between and that it would be just a distraction. I love it! Im genuinly interested with the arts and different things you can express yourself through. And that is something I see myself keep doing. But I wanna see myself doing something more also, making a difference, helping others in some way. I’ve realised early that I never going to become a doctor, teacher or lawyer etc. But Im glad that there’s different ways to help others, and that would be through difference charities for example.  I’ve always watched those different charity shows on TV through the years, when you can call in and give money to the less fortunate people. But I’ve never actually given away money to something like that, because I don’t trust them completley. How much of the money really goes directly to those people?!

I’ve always questioned that… And I also wanna feel that I helped in more ways than just by lifting my telephone. And that’s one of many reasons I would like to  start my own charity in some way or another so I can see that the money goes directly to those who need it, and not through different “middlehands” (sorry if my english is a bit bad)

So I can see that they make a difference in some people lives, to help others, that’s probably one of the most satisfying feelings and one of the things I would be most proud of in my life. Life is about giving and not only to yourself. We all can do something to make the world a better place. The world is pretty sad if you think for a moment. There’s is so much hate and cruelty… Where is the world heading?!

“You can’t do everything, but we can all do something.”

Love and Peace/Amore e pace/Kärlek och Fred/Amour et paix/Amor y Paz



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2 responses to “Some thoughs…

  1. its like you just opened up my brain and put my thoughts on your page….

    the photo fits perfectly too


  2. mia

    I agree. It is hard to know if the money for help is really going to those that needs help.

    I also have those thoughts…about doing something different and not be so shallow…but I think that I’m doing what I’m interested of, and I think that is something that I get much out of…we all need too look at beautiful things sometimes, life doesn’t always has to be so hard

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