Her name is Noot, Noot Seear

noot 1

Here is the lovely Noot Seear at Comic Con in San Diego yesterday. She plays Heidi in New Moon, a very small role but because it’s such a big movie, Im sure we’ll be seeing alot more of her:) She is a model wanting to become an actress, so this is definitley a great start for her! I think she’s beautiful and I love her style. Watch the clip with her on modelinia here. And she’s is very into charities to, love that!

And how cool is her name?! Very original I have to say…She and Rob would make a great couple btw haha:P

noot 3noot 4I love the dress she wore! Looking forward seeing what’s she’s wearing next. She said she’s going to wear Balmain!! at the premiere in November:)



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2 responses to “Her name is Noot, Noot Seear

  1. so hot. i can’t wait to see the film and how she does in it.

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