Love has no boundaries

steven-meisel-print4_38109650Tomorrow I’ll be watching the Pride Parade:) I have always supported gay people and for them having the same rights as anybody else. We are all human beings! And I still can get surprised and sad that so many people in this world, 2009, think it’s something wrong or weird with it. Those people are all just narrow-minded and insecure people I think. It’s about love between two people, how can they have anything against that?! Love is the most beautiful thing and if you found a person that you can share that love with you’re lucky.

But with so much anger and hate in this world, it’s actually not that surprising either that so many people have something against it… In a perfect world, the pride parade wouldn’t even excist, because being gay, bi or transexuelle would be a natural thing, and everyone would mind their own busineses and respect each other. I really hope that I get to experience a world like that one day in my lifetime. Or my kids at least.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”


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