She said

ashley tisdale 280609ashley tisdale 050609“I’ve gone to clubs before because I love to dance … but I don’t drink or do drugs or smoke. That’s something that’s not typical, I guess. I think I’m a big hypochondriac. I see people and it’s sad what happens to people when they go down these roads — really talented people.

Plus, “I’ve never liked the taste of alcohol. It’s not like I haven’t had it before. I just don’t like the taste. At an early age, I was like, ‘So why would I do this?’ I’ve never been a weak person. I’m very strong. I’ve never given into peer pressure. My mom instilled confidence in me, and I always felt if I’m going to do something, it’s because I want to do it.”

-Ashley Tisdale

I think it’s really cool of Ashley to say that she either drink, smoke or take any drugs, it’s very rare today, especially not to drink when your are a celeb in Hollywood and young, she’s 24. It’s a nice change hearing someone who doesn’t need to drink or have any other substitute to have fun, and that’s she’s always have the confidence to say no to it. Her parents seems to have been giving her great values! And I love people who goes their own way in life and doesn’t care what other people thinks about them. There are so many standards you have to fit in to in the society, and it just get so tireing. And when you don’t fit in to those standards, people react and you have to defend your life choices. And  I don’t like that. Why can’t people mind their own business? As long as you don’t hurt anyone or go against the law, I think you can do what the fuck you want. And people who reacts otherwise, I think they are just insecure deep inside. And they are the people who you don’t need to care about, because it’s a waste of time…


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