LiLo Style 2009

ll 1ll 2ll 3ll 4ll 5ll 6ll 8ll 7ll 9ll 11ll 10ll 12ll 13ll 14ll 15ll 16ll 17ll 18ll 19ll 20ll 22ll 23ll 25ll 21ll 24ll 26ll 29ll 28ll 27I like Lindsays style, even though she can look a little messy sometimes and maybe not always have the best combinations. She still manage to have a cool personal style. She has some really great shoes sometimes, bags and leather jackets. And she’s always wearing lots of bracelets:) She’s been wearing lots of Wang the last couple of months to, and who doesn’t like him?! I think you can call Lindsays style pretty eclectic, but she always has that kinda rock vibe to her, but she isn’t afraid to try new things.  I wonder how much she got for free?! Because she can often wear something only once or twice. She seems to get tired of things fast. She probably gives away alot to her friends. Or her closet is overly full…



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2 responses to “LiLo Style 2009


    Great style but then again she’s tall and THIN! Everything looks decent on her. Those chunky booties w/ the fringe she’s been rocking with everything I’m still on the fence with…

  2. i don’t know about her style. she wears a lot of what’s hot, wang, balmain etc. how can she afford it, she barely acts these days. it’s hard to tell what’s her style and what’s just trendy. that said, i’m deathly jealous of those tri-buckle chloe oxfords, wowow.

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