caan_02.57caan_02.18caan_02.36caan_02.62caan_02.72caan_02.75caan_02.84caan_02.94caan_02.103caan_02.182caan_02.194caan_02.199caan_02.201caan_02.202caan_02.209caan_02.222caan_02.226caan_02.227caan_02.228caan_02.233caan_02261lagirls_144lagirls_146lagirls_151lagirls_152lamisc_143lamisc_147lany6lany8lany16lany_140Untitled-109Untitled-126Untitled-138I recently discover this photographer named Scott Caan. And I really like the style of his photography. On those pictures, he’s showing two different sides of LA and NY. This Celebrity world that LA is most famous for and this other side that some people maybe forget. All the homeless people living on the streets. It’s such a big contrast of people living there. But that it’s also why I found both cities so interesting. The diversity of people and how ok it is to be different. I don’t think they judge you as much there as other places. And people often come there to follow their dreams and live the life they always wanted. People searching for something more.

I would love to take a look or buy his book🙂



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2 responses to “L.A./N.Y.

  1. i love these pictures!
    wow thanks for sharing this amazing photographer!!

  2. this kind of vision and photography make me wanna pick up a camera and take some shots myself 🙂

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