Her style is “Bananas”

rachel-zoe-talks_2465I love everything about this outfit. That Chanel jacket<3

I’ve always liked Rachel Zoe and her style. I’m thinking, Glamour, hippie, seventies, when I see her. She really has her own uniqe style that is very inspiring. I would loove to look through her closet, and see all her jewellery, and sunglasses:)  Her show, The Rachel Zoe project is great I think, looking forward to season two:) I also have her book “Style A to Zoe.”

Now she has launched her official site rachelzoe.com. It’s still under construction but I’m excited seeing how it develops.

You can also follow her on twitter here.

rachel-zoerachel_zoe_041409_cTaylor is cool!




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2 responses to “Her style is “Bananas”

  1. http://luvgiambattista.blogspot.com/

    Can’t wait for the new season!

  2. i’ve heard about her work but have never until now seen her …. great style indeed

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