Givenchy Fall 2009

givenchy fall 1givenchy fall 2givenchy fall 3givenchy fall 4givenchy fall 7givenchy fall 8givenchy fall 10givenchy fall 11givenchy fall 12givenchy fall 13givenchy fall 14givenchy fall 15

The fall is getting closer, and I like it, at least the early fall. I don’t like the winter though, it’s to cold for me…

Here is some of my favorite looks from Givenchy Fall 2009. I love all the black dresses and the jackets, especially those on the first and last picture.  Would Love to have one of them! I don’t like the combination of black and dark blue though, never been my thing. I love that blue color though. There’s also some great trousers there that I wouldn’t mind having in my closet.

There’s gonna be lots of pictures from the fall collections from now on:) For some inspiration!


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  1. heeey well… i’m always kind of impatient for the fall/winter to come. i just love boots warm knitwear, rich coats and dark dark palletes. 🙂

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