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Oh Jared, what a beautiful man! His eyes are amazing!  like you can’t stop starring at him:) He really has changed his appearance through the years, especially his hairstyles, and no matter if he have long hair and a big beard, he still look hot! The emo/rocker style seems to be a favorite, and I love it! He looks great in eyeliner, but who wouldn’t if you have those eyes?!

I’ve listen alot to his band 30 seconds to mars through the years, they are really good! Hope they come out with something new soon. Would love to see him in more movies to. I recently started watching My So-Called life, which I haven’t seen before actually, but I’ve heard about it many times so I though I should start watching it and I like it alot. Claire Danes is perfect for the role and she and Jared have good chemistry! You should watch it if you haven’t already.



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2 responses to “J.L.

  1. OMG! i love her eyes too!
    thanks for the comment dear


  2. Her?!?! glups! HIS!!! hehe sorry

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