Love this movie


Just saw The Breakfast Club. I think it has to be one of my favorite movies:) Great characters, and I love the mixture of all the different personalities, makes it so interesting. Bender is by far my favorite of them all! I like that he is a bit of a rebel and always speaks his mind, and he’s just really sexy I have to say:) His sarcastic humor definitley makes it even better! I always laugh so much at all of his comments:D

I wanna see more movies from the eighties now, love them! I’ve seen some through the years, but there’s always some you haven’t seen. So can any of you recomend one? Do you have a favorite?:)



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3 responses to “Love this movie


    Breakfast club is my fav. 80’s movie. Also loved Pretty in Pink and St. Elmos Fire.

  2. Thank you for this post

  3. oh, i loved the breakfast club as well.
    and apart from the runaways, there’s always sid and nancy, about the sex pistols’s sid vicous and his girlfriend nancy.
    i also saw desperately seeking susan, which has madonna starring. loved it and the clothes were just brilliant. x

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