Love to watch…

the x factor

I’m a sucker for talent shows, auditions, finding a new star type of programs. I love that whole music business, and seeing people fulfill their dreams, it’s heartwarming:) I always watch american Idol and now when it has a break I watch The X Factor UK. And I love it! Simon Cowell is also one of the judges on that show. I like him! Because I like honest people, there aren’t so many people like that now days though… The season just started a couple of weeks ago so it’s easy to catch up, you can watch it on, (damn it, just saw that it could be virus on that site now, haven’t seen that before.) But you can download it on also. I do it now, which probably is a little safer than surfthechannel.

Down here is a video clip from one of the auditions. It’s a guy named Jamie “Afro” Archer. He is so good! And I’m loving his style, the afro is so cool:) I like that he has that bit of a Lenny Kravitz, rocker type of style. There is so few of them on talentshows like this… And look how he get the crowds going! I think this guy is going far, or I hope so:)

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