You won’t see me wearing…

*Clothes in coral or pink.

* Cheap looking t-shirts like this.

*Anything with flowers on. (I love flowers though, but I don’t like having it on my clothes.)

*High waisted jeans.

*Cheap looking budget shoes like this, and this. (I don’t like when you see the seams so clearly, they always do that with cheap shoes…)

*Bags/clutchs who looks like this.

*Jeans like this and this.

*Tankstops, no thanks.

*Dresses like this and this.

*Leggings like this and this.

And yeah, the list could probably go on… I know I’m a bit picky, but I just know what I like and don’t like when it comes to clothes and stuff. I think you often do that if you are genuinly interested in it. You know your style and what you look good in.

So are there some things that you would never wear? (I guess it is hehe.)


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2 responses to “You won’t see me wearing…

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  2. thegemini

    Hahah that is hilarious.
    I had so much fun reading that. My favorites were the homecoming dresses and the purple sheer & white leggings!

    I will never wear these:


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