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There’s something about Jenna Jameson that I like. I think she has a really pretty face, and yeah I just think she is very good looking! I can find so many different looking woman beautiful. There is just not one type that I find beautiful.

Many people would probably call Jenna very trash looking and having to much make-up and fake lips and boobs and all that. But I don’t think there’s any wrong or ugly with that actually, or that she’s been a pornstar and that whole thing.  I think you can do what the fuck you want, frankly. As long as you don’t hurt anyone and do something that you wanna do, I say go ahead! People is always going to have opinions about you, so just let them have that then, it’s your life!

I’ve read Jennas book and it was really good and interesting. She really has been through alot. I’m glad that she has found a good guy now and seem happy, and finally had her babies, that she’s been trying to have for years and last year she got pregnant with twins. And earlier this year, she gave birth to two boys named Jesse and Journey:) I Wish her all the luck!

Love the heavy eye make-up she has on most of the pictures:) But she also looks beautiful au naturel to! like you can see in the first and last picture, very little make-up there.

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2 responses to “J.J.

  1. i love jenna! i saw her life story in a documentary and she really deserves respect 🙂 nice of you to post her

  2. You describe it perfectly, congratulations. I love Jenna. No one can mess up with her.

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