Christine Centerera

2sadusmThis girl is so beautiful and has a great great style! She is fashion editor/stylist at Harper’s Bazaar Australia. I think I need to start buying Australian Harper’s, I mostly read the brittish one, which I love:) christine centererachristine harpers auschristine s c 2christine s wowAmazing!

christine s 4christine s c 12christine s snyyyyyyyggggggggggchristine s c 4Love her haircolor!

christine s 8christine s c 11Very inspirational style!


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4 responses to “Christine Centerera

  1. so good. i love the fur collar look, obvi. i even posted it on my blog the other day. but i never realized it was the same girl from so many other looks i’ve loved. the zipper skirt amazing and so many great jackets.


    I loooove that zipper skirt! Her clothes are beyond.

  3. so cool! where did u find those pics? does she have her own blog maybe?

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