Capturing a moment with a new camera…


If there’s something I think it’s worth putting your money on, it’s a good camera. I’m kinda fastidious when it comes to pictures in general, probably because I enjoy pictures so much. I’m now thinking about buying a new one. And I’ve looked a little closer on this camera from Ricoh, CX1, and it seems really good! I’ve read that it has gotten great reviews in different digitalcamera magazines and that proffessionals recomend this camera, so that sounds promising.

And it has lots of different functions that I think I would enjoy and it’s black and look a little retro. And I want to be able to take it with me everywhere so it’s good that it is small, I don’t think I want to drag around on a camera like this.

Even though this camera would be my number one choice (it costs 7000 dollar or something and I don’t exaxtly have that much money to put on a camera right now.) So this camera is definitley a much cheaper choice, a couple of hundred dollars just. This camera seems good also and not to expensive.

Do any of you have a camera you can recomend? I’m always open for propositions:)

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  1. pretty cool one, i must say 🙂

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