(500) days of summer

500 days of summer

I’ve been looking forward to see this movie for a long time now, and tonight I saw it and it didn’t disappoint:) Zooey and Joseph was really sweet together and I really like that it was something different to this movie that many other movies in this genre often miss. It had something special. And the music was really good also! I think I’m gonna download the soundtrack:)

So if you want to see a different romantic/comedy (or I think it was more drama actually) you probably will like this one!

I’ve been watching so many movies lately so there’s probably gonna be lots of post about movies in the upcoming days here. I’m such a movienerd hehe…


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2 responses to “(500) days of summer

  1. i’ve heard of this one but haven’t seen it yet… hopefully will soon

  2. http://luvgiambattista.blogspot.com/

    I can’t wait to see this! It looks so sweet ❤

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