taytay 2When I watch The Rachel Zoe Project I’m not only loving Rachels style, I really like her assistent Taylors style also. She has that more a bit of a rock n’ roll style that I never get tired of and is more close to my own style:) So I always look forward seeing what she’s wearing! She has amazing leather jackets!! And I totally digg her hair. And she really can make a whole black outfit look interesting!

tay 3tay 4tay 6tay 8

Your rarely see an episode when she”s not wearing the Ray ban wayfarers:)

tay 11

Love the jewellery she’s wearing, all the bracelets and the Rolex watch!!

tay 12So simple and cool. The Balenciaga bag! never get tired of those bags…

tay 14They get along better in the second season:) Brad is so cute btw! Taylors outfit is like perfect here…

tay 15The blazer!!

tay 16black sequins:)

tay 25the blazer again!

tay 30The Alexander Wang jacket!

tay 18Black outfit and a pair of Louboutins, can go no wrong:)

taylor and brad 2casual day to day outfit.

tay 31love this leopard blazer!

tay 32Light grey leather jacket and big silver necklace.

tay 33grey blazer and another lovely silver necklace.

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  1. wow! damn! this girl rocks! i have to see this show! i loooove her style 😉

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