“How many have you loved before me? none. and after me? none.”

tristan and isolde

One of my favorite love storys is Tristan and Isolde. I saw the movie last night for the fifth time I think:) It’s soo good! James Franco and Sophia Myles has great chemistry and they really did a good job potraying the characters. They’re just perfect for their roles!

There’s something I like with a tragic love story like this. Even though they didn’t lived happily ever after and it was pretty impossible for them to be together. They still had their moments that no one could take away from them. They loved each other so deeply and passioned, and it’s not many who ever experience that kind of love. So even though they died young and didn’t have a lifetime together, they at least had those moments together and made the best out of it. Love Conquer All!

And deep inside, I think most of us want to experience that kind of love.

Great song from the soundtrack by Gavin DeGraw.

I will be doing a post about Franco later:)

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