James, James, James…

franco 1franco 4franco 6franco 8franco 9Ah, what can I say… James Franco really has the looks! I need to see that TV movie he did as James Dean!! He won a Golden Globe for it also. I think he is a bit underrated actor, I want to see more of him. He is really talented! I recently came across his funny or die page. And he is funny to!=)

Look at some of his clips here and here, together with his brother. And this clip, when he’s trying to say Gucci haha… Here he get angry at the director:P

Did you know….

That he has directed four movies? and also wrote three of them?

He is writing a book?

His ”bad cartoon” paintings have been bought by blink-182’s Tom DeLonge and Sharon Stone. ”People say my stuff reminds them of [Jean-Michel] Basquiat.”

He has a pilot’s license?

He’s been studying at UCLA (taking 62 units), New York University, Columbia University for the last years, studying creative writing, english literature, philosophy, french, film and more?

The California native won ”Best Smile” at Palo Alto HS, despite braces. ”In the yearbook, I’m frowning.”

His family calls him Ted, short for his middle name, Edward. ”Everyone called me Teddy Bear. When I got older, it was like, ‘Enough!”’


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