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A beautiful Rose

rose 1rose 2rose 3rose 4rose 5rose 6rose 7

Some lovely pictures of the actress Rose McGowan from Charmed. I think she’s beautiful! I love her dark hair and pale skin. And did you know she’s been together with Marilyn Manson?! He definitley goes for a certain type of girl:)

The pictures is taken by one of  my favorite photographers (which I’ve said of couple of times before hehe) Ellen Von Unwerth. She can really capture that old glamour sensuality. The black and white ones are my favorites! Great contrasts, and a bit of that blurry feeling. Love it!

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LINDSAY in STYLE magazine

lindsay 1lindsay 2

Gorgeous! She really is photogenic! The photos was taken by one of my favorite photographers, Ellen Von Unwerth, in Lindsays hotelroom in Paris.

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Missing MJ…

9-web10-web11-webPhotos by: Love Petrovsky&Ramone.

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Mario Testino

josh mt 1josh mt 2josh mt 3josh mt 4The last two ones with the red lipstick is my favorites:)

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Natalia Vodianova in US Vogue September 2009

us vogue 1us vogue 2us vogue 3us vogue 4

Love the theme of those photos! That red color is so gorgeous on Natalia, and the surroundings is perfect now when the fall is getting closer. See the rest of the photoshoot here.

Photos by: Mert & Marcus

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Out Magazine

gaga outPhoto taken by one of my favorite photographers Ellen Von Unwerth. And it’s Lady GaGa on the picture of course:)

Now somebody asked me very recently a very strange question. They said “Lady Gaga, do you have a dick?” And I said, ‘Yes, I do, and it’s much bigger than yours!’

-Lady GaGa

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caan_02.57caan_02.18caan_02.36caan_02.62caan_02.72caan_02.75caan_02.84caan_02.94caan_02.103caan_02.182caan_02.194caan_02.199caan_02.201caan_02.202caan_02.209caan_02.222caan_02.226caan_02.227caan_02.228caan_02.233caan_02261lagirls_144lagirls_146lagirls_151lagirls_152lamisc_143lamisc_147lany6lany8lany16lany_140Untitled-109Untitled-126Untitled-138I recently discover this photographer named Scott Caan. And I really like the style of his photography. On those pictures, he’s showing two different sides of LA and NY. This Celebrity world that LA is most famous for and this other side that some people maybe forget. All the homeless people living on the streets. It’s such a big contrast of people living there. But that it’s also why I found both cities so interesting. The diversity of people and how ok it is to be different. I don’t think they judge you as much there as other places. And people often come there to follow their dreams and live the life they always wanted. People searching for something more.

I would love to take a look or buy his book🙂


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