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The perfect leather jacket…

A leather jacket is one of the key items in my closet. I never get tired of it, it’s a classic yet cool. This one from Helmut Lang would be perfect!

It’s a little over my budget though. It costs 1390 dollar at La Garconne. But it would no doubt be worth it as you can have it for many years for sure… Getting better with age:)

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“It never made sense for you to love me.”

Today I saw it, New Moon! And it was good, really good. Even amazing I could say:) Chris Weitz really has done a great job directing it. The way they filmed it, the special effects and of course all the actors. Kristen has really got in more in the character this time and Robert really is perfect as Edward! But we already knew that hehe:P  And let’s not forget Taylor, who really has taken a big step forward. He definitley did a good job as Jacob!

And I think the movie kept really close to the book this time, it was spot on most of the time.

I really love this whole story and there’s no wonder why it has become so popular. It’s a classic lovestory in the end and there’s something really appealing with vampires I think. Humans are so fragile and vampires are so strong, which makes it a great combination I believe. It was also really cool with the werewolves, but vampires will always be a favorite of mine. It certainly is a great way to escape the reality for a second:)

This movie really derserves all the recognition and success that it gets! And if you have read the books, you will appreciate it even more I think.

Not much left to Eclipse now either:) There’s really good that they put out the movies pretty fast so we don’t get to wait that long. Plus the ending really left you wanting to see more!


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Red and sequins

Love this red sweater!

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Get high on those shoes…

Hot shoes!

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the hair

I like when it looks a little messy like this!

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A beautiful Rose

rose 1rose 2rose 3rose 4rose 5rose 6rose 7

Some lovely pictures of the actress Rose McGowan from Charmed. I think she’s beautiful! I love her dark hair and pale skin. And did you know she’s been together with Marilyn Manson?! He definitley goes for a certain type of girl:)

The pictures is taken by one of  my favorite photographers (which I’ve said of couple of times before hehe) Ellen Von Unwerth. She can really capture that old glamour sensuality. The black and white ones are my favorites! Great contrasts, and a bit of that blurry feeling. Love it!

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“You and me could write a bad romance”

gaga new videoI looove GaGa’s new video “Bad Romance”! The theme, the clothes, the choreography and GaGa herself look amazing:) Just look at her in this picture. Really liking the hair and the sunglasses. Kinda reminds me of her style in the beginning of her career.

See the video down here below:

And seeing her wearing the unbelieveable cool shoes and clothes from Alexander McQueens latest collection, it’s fantastic!

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