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The Tree’s where like faces…

Really Cool!

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With Art on her face

nina-chakrabartiReally cool picture! Love the haricolor.

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Karl in Elle magazine


Just found this great illustration and interview with Karl Lagerfeld from Elle US I think, from 2007.

To read the interview a little easier, click here.

Illustration by: Ruben Toledo

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The Bird

2-1This a magpie (I hope it’s the right word for it) as you can see. I always found them a bit scary. Like they are evil or something. I remember one time when I went through the woods on my way to school a couple of years ago, when suddenly these birds (I think it was crows or magpies) they start to follow me from above, like they fly from one tree to the next one. It almost felt like the flied just one metres above me to, just to scare me. I could feel the wind from their wings and I started running, running to get away from the woods as fast as possible. It just felt so intense and scary. These birds wanted me out of there, I could feel it. And when I was out from the woods, they where gone, I could breathe out.

*Oh, and thanks for all the lovely comments, that put a smile on my face:)

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When you can make the grey walls a little more beautiful…

november 08 721november 08 723november 08 739

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Little Ashes

little ashesI saw Little Ashes the other day and it was really good! I’ve heard so much about this movie and that Rob was great in it and he was! He plays the spanish artist Salvador Dali, and he wasn’t the average Joe exactly so he must definitley been a challenge for Rob to play, and he did it very well.

The movie focus on the complicated love between Salvador and Federico Garcia Lorca in the 1920’s. And Javier Beltr├ín (who plays Federico) and Rob was really great together, they had good chemistry and was both believable in their characters, so I can really recommend this movie!

And Salvador is such an Amazing and original artist to. Just look at these ones:

sd 1sd 2sd 3sd 4

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