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Kirsten Dunst in Allure magazine December 2009

kirsten allureKirsten looks beautiful in the new issue of Allure magazine. Read the interview here.

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Dita and Marilyn’s wedding 2005

dm 12

dm 11dm 5dm 4dm 6dm 7dm 3dm 1dm 2dm 8dm 9

dm 10

I really loved Dita and Marilyn together! They were the perfect gothic/rock couple:) And their wedding in late 2005 was definitley not your ordinary wedding. It took place in an old caste in Ireland. Ditas dresses were all so amazing! The blue one were Manson is carying her is just wow! And the black one were they are dancing look so pretty! I wish there was a better picture of it.

Some of the guests at the wedding were Lisa Marie Presley and Christian Louboutin.

The lovely photos is taken by Steven Klein and the pictures is in the March number of Vogue 2006.

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This is how I like it…

pop magazineAmazing Cover!

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Robert and Kristen

robstenrobsten 2robsten 3fantastic dress!

robsten 4Love the YSL shoes.

robsten 5robsten 6robsten 7robsten 8robsten 9Love the color on Kristens dress here.

Or “Robsten” as their fans likes to call them. We will be seeing even more of those two in the coming months when the second Twilight movie “New Moon” premieres this month. And I’m definitley not the only one who looks forward to that:) Here are some pictures of Rob and Kristen in the December number of Harper’s Bazaar US. Kristen look really good in that hairstyle I think! I love the dark goth kind of style. It’s still has an edge to it which fits her great. Reminds me a bit of Evan Rachel Wood:) Maybe Kristen should go in that style direction?! Would look really good on her, for sure!

And you can definitley see that they are good friends (or more?) in these pictures. Their chemistry shows really well. Which the Robsten fans is gonna love hehe…

Down below is some of Rob in the December number of Vanity Fair. And how good does he look?! I love Vanity Fair and their style. It’s always great photoshoots and articles. So I”m looking forward to read this.

So Robert and Kristen really has some busy schedule this month… But with the salary they get, who could complain?! Must be even better when they all seem to be such good friends also.

rob vf 1rob vf 2rob vf 4rob vf 3rob vf 5

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Vogue Italia October 2008

sasha italia 1sasha italia 2sasha italia 3sasha italia 4

I love black and white photos so I though those photos of Sasha was beautiful!

photos by: Paolo Roversi.

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Marie Claire Italia

mci 1mci 2

mci 3mci 4mci 6

I like the feeling of those pictures. The colors is so soft and the clothes, make-up and hair is so pretty!

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She’s not stoned….

115989_940115991_940115992_940115996_940She’s just beautiful!

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