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Secret Window

Tonight I watched the Depp movie Secret Window. I’ve seen it before but I like watching movies more than once, especially the movies with Johnny:) as he is my favorite actor.  I like this movie! And with Johnnys charisma makes it even better! The ending is a bit unexpected I think and the way they’ve filmed it is great,  the beginning is really cool. This movie is definitley worth watching if you like slowpaced thrillers and a interesting perspective on a writer, and Johnny never disappoints in his movies either, we all know that..  And let’s not forget that it’s based on a Stephen King book!

And just one last note, hehe… I love the way Johnny look here, the glasses, the hair, the clothes. Even though they’ve tried to make him look a little worn out, he still looks so hot!

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Dress upp the basics

I really like this look. How you can dress up a simple pair of black jeans and black hoodie, with a cool leather jacket and high heels in leopard. I love to dress up in basics, you can so easily add something and it looks so effortless.

Picture: Carolines mode.

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“It never made sense for you to love me.”

Today I saw it, New Moon! And it was good, really good. Even amazing I could say:) Chris Weitz really has done a great job directing it. The way they filmed it, the special effects and of course all the actors. Kristen has really got in more in the character this time and Robert really is perfect as Edward! But we already knew that hehe:P  And let’s not forget Taylor, who really has taken a big step forward. He definitley did a good job as Jacob!

And I think the movie kept really close to the book this time, it was spot on most of the time.

I really love this whole story and there’s no wonder why it has become so popular. It’s a classic lovestory in the end and there’s something really appealing with vampires I think. Humans are so fragile and vampires are so strong, which makes it a great combination I believe. It was also really cool with the werewolves, but vampires will always be a favorite of mine. It certainly is a great way to escape the reality for a second:)

This movie really derserves all the recognition and success that it gets! And if you have read the books, you will appreciate it even more I think.

Not much left to Eclipse now either:) There’s really good that they put out the movies pretty fast so we don’t get to wait that long. Plus the ending really left you wanting to see more!


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(500) days of summer

500 days of summer

I’ve been looking forward to see this movie for a long time now, and tonight I saw it and it didn’t disappoint:) Zooey and Joseph was really sweet together and I really like that it was something different to this movie that many other movies in this genre often miss. It had something special. And the music was really good also! I think I’m gonna download the soundtrack:)

So if you want to see a different romantic/comedy (or I think it was more drama actually) you probably will like this one!

I’ve been watching so many movies lately so there’s probably gonna be lots of post about movies in the upcoming days here. I’m such a movienerd hehe…


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Robert and Kristen

robstenrobsten 2robsten 3fantastic dress!

robsten 4Love the YSL shoes.

robsten 5robsten 6robsten 7robsten 8robsten 9Love the color on Kristens dress here.

Or “Robsten” as their fans likes to call them. We will be seeing even more of those two in the coming months when the second Twilight movie “New Moon” premieres this month. And I’m definitley not the only one who looks forward to that:) Here are some pictures of Rob and Kristen in the December number of Harper’s Bazaar US. Kristen look really good in that hairstyle I think! I love the dark goth kind of style. It’s still has an edge to it which fits her great. Reminds me a bit of Evan Rachel Wood:) Maybe Kristen should go in that style direction?! Would look really good on her, for sure!

And you can definitley see that they are good friends (or more?) in these pictures. Their chemistry shows really well. Which the Robsten fans is gonna love hehe…

Down below is some of Rob in the December number of Vanity Fair. And how good does he look?! I love Vanity Fair and their style. It’s always great photoshoots and articles. So I”m looking forward to read this.

So Robert and Kristen really has some busy schedule this month… But with the salary they get, who could complain?! Must be even better when they all seem to be such good friends also.

rob vf 1rob vf 2rob vf 4rob vf 3rob vf 5

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You can come as far as you wanna go…

woodI’ts good to be back here:) Like you probably have noticed, I’ve changed the front image, which I though it was time for now. I love that quote “only the sky is the limit.” It’s something I believe in! You can achieve pretty much everything in your life. It’s all about your attitude and how you look at things. You can decide to be happy and positive, and that will make you so much happier and satisfied in the end. And don’t ever give up on your dreams and let other decide how you gonna live your life. We are born alone and we die alone. So caring to much what others think it’s not gonna take you as far as you can go. Do what feels right for you!

“Those Who Mind Don’t Matter, Those Who Matter Don’t Mind.”

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Amore Pace is back…

Xr1KsNbAFqqjkvhxRVl7uGhho1_500Hey everyone! If there’s anyone who still checks my blog hehe… After a couple of weeks break, I’ve actually started to miss this blog and everyone that comments. So now I have decided to start posting again, sooner than I though. I really love to communicate through a blog like this, with inspiring photos and words. And it makes me happy to read all of you who likes my blog:)

So this will be a new beginning for Amore Pace! after a short break… And hopefully better this time around!

I hope you keep reading and don’t be afraid to comment and speak your mind, I love that:)

Stefani xx


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boyy 1boy 2boy 3boy 4boy 5boy 6boy 7boy 10boy 8boy 9

I was just checking some of my many sites that I have on my bookmarks and found this designer label called BOYY. Which design bags as you can see. And I really like them! It’s definitly my taste:) I want them all!  The design behind it is a girl and a guy, that you can read more about HERE. The bags are available in North America, England, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. She’s from Thailand, the girl who designs them, so that’s probably why it’s so many in Asia:) But it’s also available online HERE.

This is definitley a label to look out for!

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Beauty care

chanel skincare

I really need to try a new line of skincare, I feel my skin needs that, and for me it’s important to take care of my skin.

Can anyone of you recomend a good skincare line?

I don’t use Chanel though, I just love their simple design:)

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jj 1jj 2jj 3jj 4jj 5jj 6jj 7jj 8jj 9jj 10jj 11jj 12jj 13jj 14jj 15

There’s something about Jenna Jameson that I like. I think she has a really pretty face, and yeah I just think she is very good looking! I can find so many different looking woman beautiful. There is just not one type that I find beautiful.

Many people would probably call Jenna very trash looking and having to much make-up and fake lips and boobs and all that. But I don’t think there’s any wrong or ugly with that actually, or that she’s been a pornstar and that whole thing.  I think you can do what the fuck you want, frankly. As long as you don’t hurt anyone and do something that you wanna do, I say go ahead! People is always going to have opinions about you, so just let them have that then, it’s your life!

I’ve read Jennas book and it was really good and interesting. She really has been through alot. I’m glad that she has found a good guy now and seem happy, and finally had her babies, that she’s been trying to have for years and last year she got pregnant with twins. And earlier this year, she gave birth to two boys named Jesse and Journey:) I Wish her all the luck!

Love the heavy eye make-up she has on most of the pictures:) But she also looks beautiful au naturel to! like you can see in the first and last picture, very little make-up there.

Pictures source


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Let the Fashion Shows begin!

nyc fwYes! Tomorrow it all begins:) The Fashion shows for Spring 2010 in New York!  My favorite designers has their shows in France and Italy, so it’s a couple of days until that though… Wish I could go to one of those shows one day. And it’s going to be exciting to see what the big thing for spring 2010 is going to be, and of course look at all the beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories:) Love it!

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Love to watch…

the x factor

I’m a sucker for talent shows, auditions, finding a new star type of programs. I love that whole music business, and seeing people fulfill their dreams, it’s heartwarming:) I always watch american Idol and now when it has a break I watch The X Factor UK. And I love it! Simon Cowell is also one of the judges on that show. I like him! Because I like honest people, there aren’t so many people like that now days though… The season just started a couple of weeks ago so it’s easy to catch up, you can watch it on surfthechannel.com, (damn it, just saw that it could be virus on that site now, haven’t seen that before.) But you can download it on mininova.org also. I do it now, which probably is a little safer than surfthechannel.

Down here is a video clip from one of the auditions. It’s a guy named Jamie “Afro” Archer. He is so good! And I’m loving his style, the afro is so cool:) I like that he has that bit of a Lenny Kravitz, rocker type of style. There is so few of them on talentshows like this… And look how he get the crowds going! I think this guy is going far, or I hope so:)

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the latest

0xKcQ6amcq7pimvgGKegNa0go1_400Like you’ve probably already notice, there haven’t been so many updates on the blog for the last two days. Sorry for that, if anyone still happens to read my blog:)  And yeah, it happens sometimes, you don’t feel like updating. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s not.  But my love for pictures and inspiration through that is always going to be there! So I’ll keep the blog going, because I have so many pictures I want to share. And I like writing a few lines on here to once and a while:) Even though it’s not personal, (I’m to private for that,) but writing about things in general is somehing I would like to do more. And if you’re not interested in that, you can just ignore it and look at the pictures hehe…

And don’t forget to stay positive! There’s always gonna be a light in the end of the tunnel:)

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Love this movie


Just saw The Breakfast Club. I think it has to be one of my favorite movies:) Great characters, and I love the mixture of all the different personalities, makes it so interesting. Bender is by far my favorite of them all! I like that he is a bit of a rebel and always speaks his mind, and he’s just really sexy I have to say:) His sarcastic humor definitley makes it even better! I always laugh so much at all of his comments:D

I wanna see more movies from the eighties now, love them! I’ve seen some through the years, but there’s always some you haven’t seen. So can any of you recomend one? Do you have a favorite?:)


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Fall is coming…

fallFall is getting closer. What do you think about that? I like the fall, I love all the colors, it’s so beautiful and I like all the darker clothes, bold colors (even though I’m a big black lover hehe.) But I don’t like when the winter is getting closer after a while though. To cold for me… It’s when I start to long for the spring.

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